Massachusetts Open Cloud

The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) will be a public cloud based on a new model that allows many companies and institutions to participate in its implementation and operation. It will provide services ranging from what is termed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the provisioning of basic computation in the form of virtual machines, up through higher layers such as application and Big Data platforms and services. A central focus of the MOC will be its use for solving problems that require analysis of massive data sets such as those targeted by the Commonwealth’s Big Data Initiative, taking advantage not only of services offered by the MOC but the ability to efficiently exchange large volumes of data between MOC users.

Unlike existing proprietary public clouds, where all of the technology is controlled by a single entity, the MOC will operate as a marketplace in which hardware capacity, software and services can be flexibly supplied, purchased, and resold by many participants.

The MOC is based on:


The MOC is located at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center:


In partnership with:

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It has wide industry support, list of companies coming…